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Refund Requests can be submitted via email:


1.  A paid registration fee shall be fully refunded prior to February 29th.


2.  A paid registration fee shall be fully refunded in the event that Stoney Point Soccer Club is unable to field a team or provide a suitable program alternative.  No administrative fee shall be withheld in this case.


3.  There will be a $25.00 administration fee added per paid registration for refunds granted between February      29th and start of the season.


4.  Any late fee ($) that has been incurred due to late registration (after February 29th) is non-refundable and excluded from the request for refund.


5.  There will be no refund of registration fees once a player is registered and the season has started.


6.  There will be no refund for a registration fee if a player is suspended or expelled from Stoney Point Soccer Club per the club’s code of conduct.









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